Shirzanan’s first advocacy event: 10 elite Muslim athletes from around the world will unite and unify with a group of Iowans and Shirzanan advisors to promote female sports participation as a fundamental right.

Our Shirzanan project endeavors to increase and improve the representation of Muslim females in media by celebrating the successes of role models such as these women.

Our #RideForRights global awareness campaign will be introduced on July 17 and carried forward through July 25 on a seven-day, 462-mile bicycle ride across Iowa.

Meet the accomplished Muslim athletes and adventurers:

KIRAN KHAN – Pakistani Olympic swimmer
RAHA MOHARRAK – Saudi Arabian mountain climber
MONA SERAJI – Iranian snowboarding ambassador and surfing pioneer
REHAB SHAWKY – Egyptian global cyclist
HAJAR ABULFAZL – Afghani national football player
AMANI AMMOURA – Jordanian global cyclist
BILQIS ABDUL-QAADIR – American basketball player
KULSOOM ABDULLAH – Pakistani American Olympic weightlifter and
SOOLMAZ ABOOALI – American Traditional karate champion