Founding board members Roozbeh Mirebrahimi and Solmaz Sharif encountered many language and technical difficulties when they exiled from Iran to America. Their experiences inspired the Interactive Newsroom for Exiles project which assists journalists in their efforts to produce and disseminate information from a new country.

The project provides language, technical and fundraising resources to simplify the transition of newly exiled journalists to continue their work. Online links (updates pending) include details for establishing a non-profit organization, developing a mission, creating a strategic plan, securing a domain name, building a basic Web site, researching potential donors, writing grant proposals in English, preparing the articles of incorporation, filing legal documents, and so on.

Methods to fight against media censorship (including Internet blocking) and tools to increase communication through new media and digital journalism are also posted on the Web site.

Through online chats, discussion forums, webinars and web conferences, journalists can immediately connect and interact with their peers online and across borders. These activities are designed to catalyze and encourage dialogue not only between journalists but also among civil society activists.

Ultimately, this support will enable journalists to send information back into their native countries where the freedoms of expression and media are limited.